Noticias: Palabras de la hija de Prodigy.

Palabras de la hija de Prodigy @SanatanaFox para su padre despues de su muerte.

Shit don’t add up but imma hold it down for you dad , forever. Nothing is going to bring you back and I will never get the chance to see you again , I should’ve came to see you and I wish you never left the house last Wednesday none of this would’ve happened , I should’ve woke up to say goodbye … I can’t believe you’re gone we were so close & did everything together I feel lost and alone & im in shock I can’t trust nobody I miss you dad I’m still waiting for you to come back home this doesn’t feel real at all idk what to do without you around anymore but I can’t let you down I have to pick up everything where you left off & im gonna make sure your voice will be heard forever nobody’s gonna violate you because I will pop off on any MF that wanna try some slick shit , you told me I’d see true colors the day you depart & I see it all clearly now but I know who our true family is and I will make sure they all know how you felt about them ….I love you dad this shit really broke my heart I’ll never get over this I just lost my best friend & other half


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